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Our Group
TCL Group of Companies was grouped by TCL Food Industries Sdn Bhd, Semaian Jitra Sdn Bhd, and Bluespot Industries Sdn Bhd since year 2020.

TCL Food Industries Sdn Bhd was incorporate in Malaysia in year 2011, primary to engage in distribution food & beverages brands into International markets. Semaian Jitra Sdn Bhd was established in year 2001 and has evolved into a comprehensive manufacturer in Confectionery Food industry in past few years. Nowadays, Semaian Jitra known as one of the leading manufacturers in producing quality Jelly, Pudding and Ice Pop. Bluespot Industries Sdn Bhd was incorporate in year 2004, primary in manufacturing Soya Bean Drink and various types of Asian Drinks to the market.

Today, the company expanded its operations rapidly in both the local and international markets. Internationally, all our BesBite, Hogomas, Bestsoy and Bluespot brand can be found in New Zealand, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Maldives, Brunei, U.A.E, Middle East and etc. Currently, the company achieved 60% distribution in international market and 40% in domestic market in Malaysia.


To be the leading producer of Jelly Pudding & Beverages around the world.


Our mission of “Sweeter Food, Happy Mood, Awesome Life!" is to provide the yummilicious and quality childhood taste of Jelly Pudding & Beverages to nationwide.